Tuesday, March 31, 2009

dont read: uninteresting

im thinking what my cousin commented... no interesting entries, huh?!?! does that mean i have a booooring life? me thinks again.  what constitute interesting posts?  you tell me.  fact is, im trying to come up with one.. based on my life.. but seems i cant!  hahaha i guess if ive done bungee jump in macau, skydive in aussie, scuba diving in pinas, or belly dancing or camel-ride in dubai, THEN i will let you know.  

im still in some kind of limbo and it doesnt feel good.  one moment you're fine.. suffocating the next.  they say, "think that you're happy... and you will be."  i'd like to live by this one-liner. life is short.  you cant take back time.  here in hk, i really feel time flies fast (same sentiments from my peers).  i dont know why is that so, but i just noticed it by comparing being here and in pinas.  they say coz here, we do everything by ourselves - from thinking of what to eat for dinner (plus if you have to cook it pa) to what to eat for breakfast (plus you have to drop by the un-friendly bakeshop nearby).  back to the one-liner... at times, it works... some times, it just doesn't.  like a fragile glass, im holding on to happy thoughts, memories to keep me strong and whole.  i dont wanna rant coz GOd might hear me. hehe  i have a good life.  i am grateful.  i hope HE wont take it against me if there are times i ask him for some more.  so when im really in that slump... i turn on to chico and del for immediate relief. hahaha

carpe diem!

Monday, March 30, 2009

sunday lipat-bahay

i need a massage.  after just a few hours of moving stuff from one flat to another, i was still ok.  that was sunday.  we had a full dinner, hangout and then went home.  the morning after, i felt this strain in my arms and upper back.  sigh.  this is what happens when you don't get enough exercise.. plus the fact of aging?  hahaha  so in the office, i would sneak out to the bathroom, lock myself in the cube and stretch all the way until i feel relief in my muscles.  i miss going to the spa/massage parlors.  i havent gone any here in hk.  hmm, how about acupuncture, or thai massage?  that remains to be seen if my kakuriputan won't get the better of me. haha

Saturday, March 28, 2009

morning rush: chico and delamar's top 10

i found another way to distract myself... listening to chico and delamar's top 10.  back in pinas, i've been an avid listener, not to the extent though of sending in entries to their top 10.  on the way to work, i used to tune in to RX93.1 until 9am.  that's the time their show ends.  i remember i was listening to the car radio, then papa would change it to another station coz he says it's all talk, no music. right!  just in time when my fave segment signs in!  yeah, it's all talk coz they discuss the entries... and they're not nonsense at all!  well, it depends on their topic.  hahaha their topics range from the mundane to the deep, as chosen from among their callers.  bespren and i are what they call silent listeners, because we plainly listen to them without sending entries or joining "rushers" events.  

my very own morning rush
i couldn't forget though... one weekday morn, as usual im tuned in to RX.  they have this segment where they call people requested by their listeners and just say hi and good morning.  suddenly... my mobile rang... on the other line is... chico and delamar! huwattttt?!?!?!  all my senses were awaken!  first, im a very lazy person in the morning.  second, i was sooo worried about what to say.. in english - knowing im LIVE on the air!  hahaha and so, they said their cheerful "good morning" while i grasp for words.  i meekly said, hi and mawnin.  they said "your bestfriend asked us to call you to greet you.  she says you're not a morning person.." blah blah.  waaa i feel so starstruck too! hahaha i couldnt believe it!  i was on for a few minutes and said that they made my morning more eventful.  when i got to work, my officemates were like "is that you on air?" hahaha now, im a celebrity - for a moment.  (no) thanks to bespren! hahaha that was just amazing and a picker upper.  in one of their live shows, i even went to burger king in greenbelt and had a book signed by them.  and so now, im trying to rekindle those moments even by listening to their podcast. 

(photo from rxmorningrush.com)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

are you a mother or a wife first?

"im a wife first...because only by having a good relationship with my partner can we together create a better environment for our child. "  simply... wise.   the cliche is being a parent first and having your life revolve around your kid.  what we overlooked is that the relationship between a husband and wife is the basic foundation of love to nurture one's child.  this is just a different angle of seeing a woman's role in the family.  

thanks to chico and delamar for such words of wisdom.  hehehe

Sunday, March 22, 2009

hana yori dango final

i looooove hana yori dango series. i completed all the season episodes. not surprisingly i had to watch the movie... the story goes with the domyoji tsukasa manning their great empire and announcing to the world his engagement to makino tsukushi. poor makino and family - now the center of the news all over japan - had to adapt to the lavish lifestyle of the domyojis. as pre-wedding gift, makino was given a bejeweled tiara, a prized possession of the domyoji clan. unknowingly, the couple didnt know that this tiara is the way to test their love for each other. traveling to the US in las vegas, to hongkong, to a southern island, the young lovers journeyed together to find the stolen jewel only to discover the real treasure they are looking for is right before them. simple, right. but sometimes, blessings are just too close for the eyes to see, too easy to get to value it's worth. in the end, they realized how much more they love each other because of the ordeals they dealt with. i looooove matsu jun (domyoji tsukasa) with his black wavy hair, kinda pouty lips and strong yet fragile character. i like hanazawa rui's mystery; the support from soujiro and akira also help to complete the formidable F4. damn, these japs are hot! hahaha anyways, in the end, makino and tsukasa bore a child... and that's a wrap!

reminds me of judith mcnaught novels - a more subtle one though - where the guy is very dominant, the girl is meek... at first. and in the middle, their strong characters clash yet beneath what they exude is that sense of vulnerability to the one they love.

awww love.. it feels good to fall in love all over. you never get tired of it, even if you know it just leads you to heartbreak. nyahahaha well, you just don't give up on that coz someday, somehow it will be your turn (to break other's hearts hahaha)

*make love not war*

Saturday, March 21, 2009

mamuy: 40 days

miss you mamuy!  we know you're in a much better place and we'll all be seeing each other someday. in the meantime, si mavic na muna ang "bahala sa bahay mo."  =p

Thursday, March 19, 2009

natasha richardson's gone too soon

and so another casualty in this film called LIFE... i've only seen her in one movie, Parent Trap, where she played mom to lindsay lohan. pretty, elegant lady, no doubt. more to that, she's wife to liam neeson. i like the guy - i like TAKEN, i like qui-gon jinn in STAR WARS. scouring through imdb, i found that he's also in Love Actually (yeah, i remember), Michael Collins (haven't seen this), Schindler's List, to name a few.

back to the real story... natasha richardson got in skiing accident in the candian resort of mont tremblant. what seemed like a 'tumble' turned into a critical condition.  her sudden death is such a devastating news to her family, friends and to those who look up to her.  you can't control these events and just learn to accept it. more than ever, every little in life is more precious, every time spent with loved ones is more valuable.  all our actions are more driven to make each day lived to the fullest.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

gloomy day @ work

and so it's done.  3 people from our division were let go by the company.  it's sudden because they were only told this afternoon that it's their last day.  so, off they went and left with their own stuff.  one of them is a pinoy colleague.  i didnt know what to say to him or how to approach him.  after he was told about the news, he fixed up his things and  there was our boss by his side to get his IDs and keys.  guess i was shaken by the turn of events.  i felt guilty in a way because i've known this will happen.  everyone in our dept knew except him.  i didnt breathe a word to him.  firstly, because i'm not so close to him, plus the fact that my boss told me not to.  so, scout's honor la.  he has his family here - his wife, his son.  i didnt even see his face when he came back to his desk.  no goodbyes, etc.  i can just see him from my peripheral view and didn't offer any support.  argh, how good is that?  i didnt want to show pity as i wouldn't want the same if im in his position.  i believe he'll be fine... eventually, recover from the drastic events.  

honestly, i felt sad yet relieved that it was not me.. yet.  i don't wanna leave the company in that way.  i will go in my own time, my own terms.  i told my brother that if that happened to me, he should come and pick me up here. hahaha  for whatever it's worth, i know that this crisis is hitting closer to home.  gotta pick up the pace even more.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

gossip girl is back

"sometimes fate throws two lovers together only to rip them apart"

why oh why do you have to do that?!?!?!  it's just too much to play around with people's emotions.  too much drama eh?  finally, gossip girl is back.  after X weeks, i got to stream the latest episode of season 2.  in spite of the series, trying to have a high school-ish setting, the story is still real - for more adult people hehe it's like melrose place with a vengeance. hahaha

i learned to like blair coz even if she's a biatch, when she cares, she's all heart.  i can't wait for the next episode, especially now that chuck FINALLY realizes who he should give his heart.  it took a wrong girl for him to know that! i know it won't be an easy road for him to win blair back.  he's just gotta put up with the challenge.  go fight and win, chuck bass!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

keypad cover for maxxie

i strolled around wanchai window shopping.  went inside 298 to check out some stuff for maxxie.  i have been planning to get him some protection, if you know what i mean.  he's been bare ever since the day i bought him.  so, i got him 1) keypad cover  2) notebook bag  and  3) card reader.   i was excited for him so i let him try them on.  hehehe so for any defects, then i can exchange. 

keypad cover
-->  i first saw this on my friend's ASUS laptop.  it seems easy to use and most importantly covers your keypad from crumbs of food when you eat.  you don't have to worry about those remnants going inside.  

notebook bag
-->  until now, i still use the free bag that came along my MACbook purchase.  now, maxxie should be easier to transport - more protected with pads inside the bag and a strap to carry around.

card reader
-->  to retrieve my files from those different memory card sizes... digicam memory card, DS micro SD, phone mem card, even a sim card! (ohhh no, i didnt buy that one) --- damn, too many kinds! hahaha

Saturday, March 14, 2009

adobe photoshop for maxxie

i installed photoshop for maxxie.  i got excited with the idea of playing around with photos, and decided to explore my creative side (if there's any).  bro mentioned some tutorial sites BUT, i have yet to complete my masterpiece.. yeah right!  after browsing thru the site, looking for simple, quick and easy designs, i realized that those pieces of artwork which we think are just so-so, take a LOT of time to create.  the video tutorials last for almost 1 hr!  and of course, i was looking for a touch and go type... sumthin like magic and wallah!  hahaha much to my frustration also, i should know FIRST my tools before actually using them hahaha so much for wanting to impress you guys immediately.  i know it's a loooooong way to go before i can show you anything... know this, im currently in step 4 of 30!  beat that! LOLZ.  

Friday, March 13, 2009

ipod shuffle: 3rd generation

have you seen the latest ipod shuffle already??? i mean, the actual one? i havent yet.  it's soooo small la! smaller than your average USB, i guess.  even smaller than the AA battery!  all right, enough about size.  this tiny player is still a powerhouse with 4GB, 1GB capacity.  added bonus is a voice over - available in 14 languages- to know what song is being played.  beat that! hahaha  the controls are now located in the earphone, except for the power button.  uhm.. ergo, i cant have the option to change my earpiece unless it has the compatible controls?  then again.. another biz strategy for apple to market their own earphones for such purpose?  possible, but we'll see... in the future.  heard apple still has a lot of in store the coming weeks.. new software releases, new gadgets... the turnover is fast.  i must say though, that im still pret-ty tied to my own shuffle.  i like the color (in red), small enough for me, and does its purpose of playing music.  any upgrade, i'll pass... for now.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


9:02am.... and obviously, im soooo late! sadly, it's my 2nd time in our 30-day work period.  9:04am was my other login time.  it's more strict now with our company, as there will be a warning letter if you have 3 lates.  arghhh i CANT, SHOULDNT, MUSTNT be late!!! i dont wanna be lax in dealing with this attendance thing coz i dont want it to be used against me in any form.  im not pretending to have a squeaky clean timecard .. but hey, strike-3-you're-out is not a nice idea.  so now, i will remember to heed my alarm and wake up.. no more SNOOZING, ayt?!?! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

how to clean a fish

sinigang is my comfort food.  i wanted to do away with pork muna so i thought of fish sinigang - simple, easy to cook. i usually buy it from the market nearby. just point to the fish and they will clean it for you, pay for it and go. no more talkie talk as we won't understand each other anyways. so i went home to prepare ... and to my dismay.. the insides of the fish are still there! so much for service. so i was forced to remove everything that i feel should NOT be there. i wanted to google "how to clean a fish" and check some videos but my hands are too stinky for maxxie. hahaha i removed this yellow mass, uhm is that the waste??? and this inflated plastic balloon-size part. (pardon my ignorance) and washed it VERY well in running water. after i was satisfied, i cut in two and off it goes into the boiling mix. *sigh of relief*

Monday, March 9, 2009

broken strings by james morrison

Broken Strings (feat. Nelly Furtado) - James Morrison

Oh, it tears me up
I tried to hold on but it hurts too much
I tried to forgive but it's not enough
To make it all okay

You can't play our broken strings
You can't feel anything
That your heart don't want to feel
I can't tell you something that ain't real

Oh, the truth hurts and lies worse
How can I give anymore
When I love you a little less than before?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

shopaholic morning

it's saturday.  woke up early to catch the first screening of "confessions of a shopaholic" in UA cityplaza, at 9:40am.  AM shows are cheaper at 35hkd and as the day progresses, it becomes not-so-cheap, pricing as high as 65hkd in the evening.  i liked isla fisher in "wedding crashers".  there's something natural in her brand of comedy.  i think she fits to a T as rebecca bloomwood.  her personality as isla seems apt to what her character requires.  however, there's still something off which i can't pinpoint now.  i love to shop.  can't say im a shopaholic coz money is always my issue. hahaha we each have our own sense of fulfillment, sense of high.  whatever that maybe, let's not lose ourselves and take for granted the things that really matter.

cheque this out
i applied for a new account in hsbc (mainly because i'm qualified naman).  i collected my card and along with it is my own checkbook (didn't know it's included)! huwaw!  MY VERY FIRST EVER!  hahaha!  didnt feel the need to have one since coz i think it's for those with lotsa money who are afraid to transact in cash.  hmm.. i can't wait to sign my own cheque! 

Friday, March 6, 2009

heroes... and the like

in this time of crisis, we welcome (rich)people's help whenever they extend one. in forbes 48 heroes of philantrophy, we're honored that a few are pinoys.  huwaw! 

  • manny pangilinan - PLDT chairman
  • ramon aboitiz - aboitiz foundation chairman
  • henry sy - SM malls magnate
  • alfonso yuchengco - yuchengco group chairman
on the right is li ka-shing, hongkong's richest person, who is also included in the list for giving over $1 billion to charity during his lifetime. his works include donating to the university of hongkong and sichuan quake victims.  

it's endearing to know that they share their blessings in more ways... so i say, carry on!  

mga kababayan ko... 
francis m's untimely demise is still a shock to everyone.  though we know that he's already afflicted with the big C, one can never be prepared for the death of a loved one.  life is really short.  you can never tell when it's your time.  things happen to the healthiest people, what more to those who are sick.  let's just live life as well as we could.  carpe diem!

(photo courtesy of forbes.com)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"no plastic bag day"... everyday

hongkong has launched its "everyday is no plastic bag day" campaign.  it all started with one day a week up to fully implementing the scheme.  i have my own green bag bought from wellcome (grocery) and as much as possible i use it everytime.  first, i'd like to minimize my plastic bag accumulation, thus helping reduce usage altogether.  i fully support and welcome this since i observed that shopping bags are freely used anywhere. even clinics are joining this campaign not to handout plastic medicine bags to patients.  it's a mixed feedback from people saying that there are a lot of more important environmental issues to tackle.  still, big or small, whatever we can do to help, let's just do it.  

ohhh, i remembered, im a member in "no plastic bag" in facebook. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


i've been trying to locate my pics.. but got too lazy to locate my digicam cable to download the pics.. im still short of peripherals for maxxie. was able to scour for a few though...

halloween 2008 in lan kwai fong.. of course, we took photo ops with those in costume. kahit sino lang makita namen interesting, pose lang. haha there was this one guy, ala phantom of the opera. he was was about to wear his mask but we all shouted "no mask, no mask!" lolz. too bad, i can't find his picture. eto na lang with the mad hatter. 

jack's birthday, unico hijo of ate ai and kuya j.  supposedly children's party... so here they are.. the kids at play.. 

might as well, just sit down and let the others do it... hahaha 

inside "the venetian"

macau at night
ruins of st. paul

... and the colorful night lights