Thursday, April 28, 2011

dawg days are (almost) over

im feeling low just thinking that my vacay days are coming to an end. this means leaving pinas and going back to HK. :( if money is not an issue and i have work back home i wouldn't leave. well, i guess that's the situation for most people going abroad. sigh. i dont know if it's just because im on a break so i like my lifestyle here.. or what. but i just feel more relaxed and i can communicate better with more people. i miss having that stable support foundation - that outside work, i know i can talk to friends, spend time with family. it feels good to hangout with my younger cousins. they were sooo young then, but now, they handle drinks wayyyy stronger than i could. seriously. hhahaha i guess i grew out of it, as one friend said. let the young ones have fun. i had my time. it feels good to just reach out to them despite our big age difference. i would like to imbibe some good vibes to them given much more time. but i guess, this is enough for now.

i would miss my lazy lifestyle here. i dont miss doing household chores. haha but thankfully, while being away, i learned a few. i miss driving esp now that we have a few more cars to drive. but that would mean, mama asking me to pay for the additional car. tsk tsk! i hate to admit, but i will miss april, our dog. i havent carried her around yet but am able to give her a belly rub. tee-hee

'time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted'. if wasting means, not doing anything.. and i enjoyed every minute of it.. then so be it. it would've been better if it was more fruitful. hahaha meaning, if i looked for a job.. and fortunately got one. back to the drawing board for me.. on that one. for now, what matters most to me, is to happily spend my days.

going back to hk is not all sad though, coz i have some friends whom i truly miss. i look forward to merging in the same office location with them. i look forward to reconnecting with my newfound friends although they give me nosebleed hahaha it's easier to explore different cultures coz expats are everywhere. im still amazed at how vast the possibilities of meeting a person with exactly the opposite of who you are, what you believe in.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


one of my many few LSS. playing over and over in my ipod and in my mind:
1) looove the song (it's by kara dioguardi, ex american idol judge)
2) looove zachary levi - didnt realize he's geeky cute and talented. so i sought him out...he stars in the series Chuck and sang the theme (with Mandy Moore) song of Tangled. very nice. haha