Saturday, July 16, 2011

in that (stalker-like)moment!

it's been how many months and here's my published post... finally! haha i realized i have quite a number of drafts. i started.. but never get to finish. moving on, im irritated at the moment coz i have this 'stalker moment' again! jeez! i dont know if i should be flattered or not.. but deym! if they only look as good as lee min ho or park shi hoo... you would NOT hear me complain! hahaha (talk about discrimination!) on with the story..

i was on my home riding the tram. my friend left so the newly-vacant seat was now occupied with this middle-aged, indian-looking guy. he (let's call him A, how creative right? haha) and his friend (let's call him B for sure), seated at the back, were talking all the way. they can talk all they want, for all i care. even if they talk about me, i dont care too! 3/4 of the way, they moved seats and sat beside each other. that's a relief for me! i continued to stare out the window, listening to my ipod, but i could see from my peripheral view that B glanced at my direction twice. it's quite obvious as B had to look back. i was the only one in that direction. ok, that's still fine. no harm. im almost home. in my designated tram stop, i opted to alight later than other passengers, checking to see where A and B are headed. much to my luck.. and dismay, they also alighted in the same stop. ok, they can't help it if they live in the same area. instead of going straight home, i went to the grocery to buy something, and also with the hope of 'losing' them. BUT NO! i could still feel them following my tracks! grrrrrr!!! i focused on what i needed to buy, stopped at the water station and got my supply. with much kakapalan ng mukha from their side... B approached me with a leaflet on his hand, with a number printed. that's how i saw it. whatda?!?!?! i kept my cool, removed my earphones, faced him and said "can you please NOT follow me?!?!". and so like soldier, he retreated quickly. he should!!! or else, i would make a scene there! deym!!!

i could've threatened him by telling him to the police or sumthin. i was just sooo irritated those were the words that came out of me. i strolled for a few more minutes in the grocery, called my friend to keep me company, even on the phone. soon, i went to the counter but still nakikiramdam if they're still following me. i had to be cautious, paranoid even, coz they can know where i live. there's no security in our building so i had to be doubly cautious. now, back in the safety of my home, i heaved a sigh of relief. i dont know if i made a good approach, but my friends told me, the offensive strategy is better as to not give them any opportunity that i can welcome any of their advances. i gotta put police numbers in my speed dial.