Thursday, September 18, 2008

food scare: campbell soup

another form of food scare that directly hit me is brought by this piece of news below:

"The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department will conduct laboratory tests on samples of Campbell's Soup after hundreds of thousands of cans of soup were recalled following complaints of a bad smell.
The Centre for Food Safety advised people not to consume two types of the canned soup in question.
A spokesman of Campbell Soup Asia Limited said it has worked out a refund deal with supermarkets.
Those who have purchased the 405g condensed cream of mushroom soup and the 410g condensed cream of creamy chicken mushroom soup can get full refunds at ParknShop, Wellcome and Vanguard even with no receipt.
The company has set up a consumer hotline 3128 8022 for enquries."

i remembered purchasing 2 cans of Campbell's cream of mushroom soup. (that's me, trying to be domesticated, keeping my own stock of comfort food hehehe) then i happened to read the paper... and so i immediately returned them. and of course, refund! even for a measly $20. hehe i treated myself with mcdonald's. the default alternative. hahaha

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

cindyrel-lea in hongkong

i first saw this poster in the MTR, traversing taikoo station. i was ecstatic and proud, of course, knowing that a Filipino will grace the theater here in hongkong. so much so, i stared at the poster for a while, feeling a little cultured that instead of a movie poster, i got myself interested in the 'arts' hahaha in fairness to me, i AM interested. it's just that i never got to rationalize spending a $$$ for a musical over a more affordable movie, which i can even get for free (ooppsss) the only plays i recalled watching are those required in school (novels by Rizal), widows orphans wildebeasts (music museum) and miss saigon (yey).

i contemplated watching cinderella in pinas. fortunately, i have another chance here. tickets are reasonably priced @ $180, $290, $490, $690. i would like to watch in the earlier part of their showing (5-16 november 2008). how do i make sure it's lea and not an understudy??? hope ate ai will join me. simple plot, simple story. magic. love. that's my recipe for one great artsy evening.

hmm, i wonder when the next musical will hype me up.. i'd love "wicked" to come to hongkong.