Wednesday, October 10, 2007

panda eh-hees tharos

the complete dialogue in CSI:NY season 3 ep 17 goes:
Mac Taylor: "Panda eh-hees tharos. You always have the strength. You always have the guts."
Stella Bonasera: "Mesa... Inside."

this was what mac told stella when the latter opened up about fearing about having AIDS when she cut herself with a broken piece of glass with blood of their HIV-positive victim.

do we really have enough strength to carry our problems? maybe we have, we just dont know it. where do we get it from? it's faith. it's that something that you hold on to - to keep you moving. we are not strong out of our own accord but because He gives us the opportunity to be one. i remember, i always bugged Him to give me strength if things wont be easier. i would feign anger to Him (when in fact, im angry at myself) to immediately shield me from pain. when things got better, i felt stronger. i really hope i am.