Wednesday, October 19, 2011

bump in the road

i'm left all alone in my thoughts and i suddenly recall this battle within me. struggling. contemplating. a few months back, i felt a small lump in my left breast. i only do random checks as i believed that not having been gifted with an abundant bosom, i have lower risk of tumors, lumps or even that big C. crooked thought right?! hahaha anyways, i was puzzled and a bit alarmed of what it might be. i talked to a friend with a similar situation. she told me to wait for a few weeks after i had my period and check again. i did. but it's still there. i kept on monitoring it. still the same size, i guess. same location. i think that should still be fine right. time went on. 5 months passed. my cousin told me to have it checked. im just too scared. it doesn't seem to grow or change anyways. maybe in time. i just hope and pray that it's nothing that cannot be cured. else, i think my guardian angel should just throw a brick at me, show himself and drag me to the doctor. hahaha