Friday, February 27, 2009

101... and counting..

well, sana... hehe 

i've been on hiatus for toooo long.. well, i realized this is my 101st post! yay for me hahaha

gotta get back on my feet now.. just wanna give updates .. and see how i've been the past months.  hmm.. i wondered what happened with my life? or me nangyari nga ba? 

October 2008
i forgot what transpired or if anything interesting happened last october.  nothing really, i guess. forgettable, ba.. ohhh, waitttt, i went to singapore! how can i miss that??!?!!? baka magtampo un mga host ko. shout out to anshe, jeff and mon for accommodating me. :)  i went there on short notice lang.. i've been wanting to visit singapore.. see how things are there.  so finally, i just did. i emailed anshe less than a week.. and i told her to make some 'plans' .. and sooo, i arrived at the airport, met with mon.   waited for anshe and jeff at the ferry terminal to bintan, indonesia.  stayed overnight at bintan lagoon and resorts where we did kayaking and go kart.  it was sooo fun! the next day, anshe and mon took ML to accompany me to sentosa.  went to palawan beach .. but i missed the siloso beach.. we also rode the luge twice! no thanks to mon who coerced us kase me promo ata. buti na lang we only had to ride the ala ski lift once. hahaha it helps to ride at night if you're afraid of heights.  i went to bugis street which is like mongkok in hongkong.  saw the esplanade, singapore flyer, and of course the classic merlion.  ate the famous chicken rice in lau pa sat and roamed around clark quay.  all in all, i felt so at home in singapore.  i can go around on my own, not that anshe need to worry.  i would love to visit them again.  they have no choice. haha  super duper thanks to you guys :)

November 2008
i was bent on watching "cinderella" with lea salonga at the helm.  i bought my ticket at the last minute hoping someone can watch it with me.  but then again, not even this circumstance can stop me. i went by myself. yeah yeah, pathetic na!  but i had a good time. wala lang akong mapagsabihan na katabi how proud i am, seeing a fellow pinoy being applauded, recognized, appreciated by foreigners.  lea's proud moment, is mine too (nakisawsaw ba?!) 

December 2008
bought maxxie.  finally, my new macbook! after intense research, comparison between available notebooks in the market.. i decided to switch to a MAC.  what gives?  primarily coz i've been reading not-so-good reviews about vista.  plus, i wanted to try the look and feel of owning a macbook - coz of the OS X, and the prestige that goes along with carrying an apple studded laptop. hahaha i just purchased the lower end unibody 13" macbook 2.0ghz.  

January 2009
went to macau to explore.  havent been here before even if it just takes 1 hr ferry ride.  i wasnt really keen on going coz my fwends say it's just "ok".  not so many places to go to.  still, i wanted to make the most out of it.  went to macau tower first to try to do the skywalk where you will traverse the outside of the tower X storeys high on a harness. but damn! i cant!  i got scared. hahaha plus it's expensive!  i can't even look down the glass floors of the indoor observatory! we just roamed around the deck.. and lo and behold!  2 people had the guts to do bungee jumping! hurrah for them!  went to the venetian macau where we ate late lunch and played few rounds in the slot machine.  dropped by the fisherman's wharf, rode the bus to senado square to see the ruins of st paul.  walked to the area of the casino hotels to take pictures.  they're sooo colorful at night with grand lisboa, hotel lisboa, wynn hotel, MGM as backdrop.  we went inside those hotels just to take a peak, and played slots again.  that's the only thing we can afford.  or if we get thirsty, free drinks in the casino. hahaha lastly, we chanced upon the dancing fountain show of the wynn hotel.  just amazing.  now, i wondered why they say they didnt enjoy macau?

February 2009
was in manila for a couple of days to pay my last respects to my dear mamuy.  wasn't really expecting her death this soon coz she's always been a survivor.  i know she's becoming weak coz of age.  doctors could not find anything wrong with her in the numerous times she went for a checkup.  i guess she just didnt want to become a burden coz she just stayed in the hospital for a few days... and never left.  sabi nga ng uncle ko... "sulit na".. but it still hurts.  i will not be able to tease her about selective hearing anymore.. na pag pera ang pinag uusapan, naririnig nya.. otherwise.. it falls on deaf ears.  hehehe wala ng magbibigay saken ng pocket money everytime i would go back to hk.  wala na ang paborito kong lola. (ako raw kase paboritong apo. hehehe)  hers is a life well-lived.  moreso because a lot of people love her.. and always will.  i will miss you mamuy.  *hugsss*

pics on my next post.. hopefully soon..