Tuesday, August 26, 2008

always keep a change

i listed down my paranoia -- things that would just get me panicky inside. and out eventually. i would just lose my guard and feel all the more helpless.

  1. leaving the flat without my keys... AND phone

  2. leaving the flat without my keys

  3. boarding the bus without money

  4. traveling without my passport/ticket

  5. having my credit card declined or won't get any reply from VISA or the issuer (with no money on hand to spare)

items 2 and 3 already happened to me... item 3, not so long ago... and i felt so embarrassed!

i boarded the bus on the way to work, tapped my Octopus card to the reader. *one long beep* with red light. meaning, i have negative balance in my card. i searched for my wallet, tried to find some loose change (you have to give exact fare as the drivers don't give you change). bus fare is 5.7hkd. i found 4.7hkd total. i was hurriedly looking for 1 more dollar. just one more. please.

unluckily, i found none. i tried to talk to the driver if he can let that 1hkd go... but not surprisingly, he ignored me... or he didnt understand? i thought of asking 1hkd from the other passengers, but didn't push through with it. then the bus stopped and the doors opened. i didnt see any bus stop nearby. i warily talked to the driver, "you want me to go down from the bus now?". with eyes like that of a feeble child, i silently hoped he would say no. (but then again, maybe he didn't understand what i said.) rather than be forced out of the bus in broad daylight in front of many people, i volunteered to alight and find another means to go to work.

i was SO embarrassed! one of my paranoia came true again. hopefully, i'd be more in control, more organized next time.

Friday, August 22, 2008

when dengue strikes

we got quite a scare after bro is diagnosed with dengue. it all started with fever, loss of appetite and pananamlay for 2 days. of course, we thought it's just the usual fever, flu that can be cured with a dose of tempra. his fever went on-off for 2 days and mama, the paranoid that she is (well, good for all of us na rin) urged him to see the doc. the first time, it was holiday so we just went to the ER ang got some stronger meds. the attending physician wanted to admit him but mama wanted him to be checked by our doctor personally. so off we went home. the next day, ayun... after series of tests, it was confirmed. DENGUE. normal platelet count should be above 150k but his is 104K. blood transfusion will be administered when it reaches 20K. that's the SOP, as i know. i don't know much about dengue and anything that keeps a person hospitalized is enough for me to be worried. who wouldn't la?! i read related stuff in the internet, even suggested this one drink to help increase platelet count... all because i read it in a forum. i guess i was on the right track coz mama already made one for bro. a few days, his platelet count went up-down.

with prayers, he was discharged after a few days. he was told to monitor his platelet count though. (yeah, here goes the drama) i feel helpless not being there in those times. i know they can handle everything, but i just can't help but feel frustrated for being away. what keeps me going though is the thought that i have to be strong. not only for myself but also for my family. i realized that in times when things are down, the more i should step up -- knowing that my strength is not my own.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

... in pictures

went to the restaurant for early dinner... didn't know what to order so pichuran na lang muna!
actually, this is what we came here for... the freebie!!! hahaha uhm, chicken, i think.
... and of course, pizza!!! this one's not free na. four-flavored pizza so we can have a sample of each kind. with tabasco shempre.
angel hair pasta, as recommended by sistah. i thought palabok fiesta ng jollibee. hahaha with tabasco ulet.
lastly, pichuran moment again... sino raw ang spoiled?!?!?!

Friday, August 8, 2008

happy 888

i just can't let this date pass.. according to chinese belief, 888 is a lucky day - to get married, to open the olympics ? hehehe fortunately, i was able to see it live, err, on the TV. and all i can say is.. AMAZING! though i haven't seen previous opening ceremonies to compare it with, the display of grandeur from a multitude of performers is enough for me to hang on to every presentation. what i loooove the most though is the number from the chinese military (ata) where they use ancient drums to signal the countdown of the olympics opening. just amazing!

i know! im at a loss for words. i borrowed some pictures from getty images below to describe just how in awe i am.. hahaha

(Pictures courtesty of getty images from boston.com)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


to mamuy and aya...

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y!!!

mamuy is already 90 years old. wow, 9 decades! and still kicking. hahaha in spite of waning strength in going to out of town family gatherings or just plain spending sunday afternoon in the house, her determination to just be with the whole family is encouraging. she can walk a few steps, still manage to do things on her own. still is game enough to go strolling at the mall (perks: when parking is full, we can always park at the 'disabled' area, coz we bring her wheelchair hehehe)

though we don't get to talk much coz i had to yell at her (people might wonder why i shout at my lola?) her mind is still sharp. she remembers people, events. she still gives advice (read: lecture, sermon) when necessary.

aya, rio rossa in full, is turning 18. she's one of our family's debutante's along with mhack, being born on the same year. aya got her name from who else.. but mamuy, rosario. gets? i haven't seen her since they left for the US ages ago.. hmm.. how many has it been? she left as a shy, little kid - very young, small and thin. i like carrying her because i can. haha she's weighs lighter than mhack. hehehe but now.. she's already a young lady - beautiful, confident and vivacious. i don't get to talk to her as much i talk with her other siblings... coz i know my english speaking skills will be challenged. hahaha!

my wish for her is to stay humble and God-fearing. don't be affected by negative things, especially when we say, she's soooo huggable. hehehe *lotsa HUGS* mwahh

Sunday, August 3, 2008

mini paris in wanchai

after strolling along hennessy road in wanchai, we decided to settle in Mini Paris, a quaint restaurant situated in the busy street ala quezon ave in pinas. i didn't know what to expect. i can eat anything at that time especially, i have acquired a taste for chinese food, i think. scanning through the menu, they actually serve... viet food. how did i know? well, i just compared it with pho hoa (i looove this place) and i just know.. hahaha here's my lame attempt to describe what we ordered: veggies with sauce that tastes like a faint bagoong, noodles with fried spring rolls and cold shrimp rolls. the last two are served with a sweet and sour sauce but with a way thinner consistency. (HA?!?!?! there you go, can you taste the food with my description?) all in all, they're good! another proud discovery.. and oh, before i forget they have english menu. yey!

masabi lang... i served this on my last birthday.. simple lang: shrimp linguine, steamed chicken (thanks maria for the recipe.. well cooked kse sya and delish, unlike the steamed chix , chinese way.. me blood pa), buttered veggies, breaded pork chop, cake (not in pic) and of course, ice cream.. i thought Dreyer's ang sponsor ko that night kse i have 4 of them. haha (un lang nag pa sosy, actually haha) it would have been ben and jerry's only, they're not available then.

nga pala.. to those who remembered... thank you =)
*hugs, hugs, hugs*

Friday, August 1, 2008

financial happiness

ano ba ito??? euphemism for "im so damn rich, more than you can ever imagine"? well, for what it's worth, i know i have financial obligations. blame it on culture and of course, out of the goodness of my heart (haha) i TRY to regularly remit money back home... yeah, yeah, thanks to the remittances of OFWs GMA is saying the economy is gaining ground. right, right. when i think of ways to achieve financial contentment, the only that comes to mind is saving. this is a LONG way to go since bank interests are less than the other charges or taxes imposed on your account.

recently, im trying to think of ways to invest. business is one option, maybe buy and sell? buy here and sell in pinas? i buy here and sis, bro can sell.. kaso seems they got no interest. so i opted to read more about ways to invest - bonds, funds, maybe? stocks - for me seems a lot of work. im not too keen on watching every move of the market and do trading once tragedy strikes. what im looking for is stability, low maintenance and of course, high return (less other charges, etc). easy management is very important, if it can be done securely online, better. i dont know yet what will come of this endeavor. i hope to talk to a mentor/consultant, discuss my goals and create a financial plan.

how about you, done any investing already?