Tuesday, August 26, 2008

always keep a change

i listed down my paranoia -- things that would just get me panicky inside. and out eventually. i would just lose my guard and feel all the more helpless.

  1. leaving the flat without my keys... AND phone

  2. leaving the flat without my keys

  3. boarding the bus without money

  4. traveling without my passport/ticket

  5. having my credit card declined or won't get any reply from VISA or the issuer (with no money on hand to spare)

items 2 and 3 already happened to me... item 3, not so long ago... and i felt so embarrassed!

i boarded the bus on the way to work, tapped my Octopus card to the reader. *one long beep* with red light. meaning, i have negative balance in my card. i searched for my wallet, tried to find some loose change (you have to give exact fare as the drivers don't give you change). bus fare is 5.7hkd. i found 4.7hkd total. i was hurriedly looking for 1 more dollar. just one more. please.

unluckily, i found none. i tried to talk to the driver if he can let that 1hkd go... but not surprisingly, he ignored me... or he didnt understand? i thought of asking 1hkd from the other passengers, but didn't push through with it. then the bus stopped and the doors opened. i didnt see any bus stop nearby. i warily talked to the driver, "you want me to go down from the bus now?". with eyes like that of a feeble child, i silently hoped he would say no. (but then again, maybe he didn't understand what i said.) rather than be forced out of the bus in broad daylight in front of many people, i volunteered to alight and find another means to go to work.

i was SO embarrassed! one of my paranoia came true again. hopefully, i'd be more in control, more organized next time.

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