Friday, August 22, 2008

when dengue strikes

we got quite a scare after bro is diagnosed with dengue. it all started with fever, loss of appetite and pananamlay for 2 days. of course, we thought it's just the usual fever, flu that can be cured with a dose of tempra. his fever went on-off for 2 days and mama, the paranoid that she is (well, good for all of us na rin) urged him to see the doc. the first time, it was holiday so we just went to the ER ang got some stronger meds. the attending physician wanted to admit him but mama wanted him to be checked by our doctor personally. so off we went home. the next day, ayun... after series of tests, it was confirmed. DENGUE. normal platelet count should be above 150k but his is 104K. blood transfusion will be administered when it reaches 20K. that's the SOP, as i know. i don't know much about dengue and anything that keeps a person hospitalized is enough for me to be worried. who wouldn't la?! i read related stuff in the internet, even suggested this one drink to help increase platelet count... all because i read it in a forum. i guess i was on the right track coz mama already made one for bro. a few days, his platelet count went up-down.

with prayers, he was discharged after a few days. he was told to monitor his platelet count though. (yeah, here goes the drama) i feel helpless not being there in those times. i know they can handle everything, but i just can't help but feel frustrated for being away. what keeps me going though is the thought that i have to be strong. not only for myself but also for my family. i realized that in times when things are down, the more i should step up -- knowing that my strength is not my own.

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n0ekun said...

i still continue to drink the "magic potion"..mama said it would boost my non-existent immune system.

awww, big sis is so caring and thoughtful..