Monday, September 20, 2010

meeting CnD... i know right?!

eeeeekkk! visited Chico and Delamar in their studio in ortigas. i have been wanting to meet them every time i go home. i just have this difficulty of waking up early especially when in vacay mode. it's just not my style. haha well, for chico and del, i would, i guess.

i woke up a lil before 7.30am, deciding in my half-awake state whether to go or not. after trying to condition myself, and realizing that i wouldn't be able to go back to sleep, i texted my friend to meet me in ortigas and to just do it... off i went. 9.20am, i was waiting in our meeting place while my friend is still in 'roxas boulevard' at that time! 10am, we were on our way, hoping to catch whatever we can. we went inside the building, calmly directed ourselves to the right floor. alighting from the elevator, turn left and there it is. i approached the reception, asked for "chico and del". "pasok lang kayo", the receptionist said. wow, so casual, eh. and there she is.. delamar talking to a guy, not chico. waited for a few minutes coz we didnt want to interrupt. i talked to del then, (feeling close), "hi del, where's chico?" hahaha she asked if we're there for an interview.. i was .."nope, just dropped by to say hi" hehehe maybe thought we're college students for a career interview thingy. we waited inside the booth while chico and del finish their stuff. the radio booth is just a small room that comfortably fits 10 people including the DJs. on-air were rico robles and jude rocha then. chico finally finished his recap and we just talked, chika like old fwends. haha FC talaga! we talked about hmm, about hongkong, CATS and lea salonga, etc. too bad we have to cut it short because there's one group waiting for them. *bummer* oh well, i just handed them some hk souvenirs.

leaving the place, we're still ecstatic. well, i am! hahaha i was amazed at how i breezed through that.. meeting them, the conversation. i thought i wouldn't be able to talk. thankfully, they're approachable and down-to-earth. parang old friends lang, oh. hahaha next time, i will surely drop by... earlier.

POST SCRIPT: of course, i had to befriend chico in facebook.