Saturday, December 19, 2009

itacho sushi: taikoo shing

yummy sashimi: salmon, yellow tail, tuna
i'm sooo loving japanese right now. had sashimi, sushi, miso soup, cold noodels, etc.. from itacho sushi for dinner the other night. what's even better is that it's FREE! hahaha (i guess, that's why) i've been here twice already... given the accessibility being a few minutes walk from my place. japanese restaurants abound in the area to cater to japanese expats residing there. we sat in the bar area so we would eagerly await if the next dish being prepared is ours already. we're a tad hungry so we can't wait for our food to arrive. we started with miso soup, then came one by one the sashimi, hand roll and sushi arrive. love them all! LOL. one 'different' dish we ordered is the the warship style sushi, as they call it. rice wrapped in nori, topped with lobster salad, or fish roe, or sweet shrimp, were handed down to us by the chef. i couldn't finish it in 1 bite, though. still, all is well. haha love love love their grilled salmon, which arrived last. it was complemented with a sorta mayo that removes the 'suya' taste.. thus keeps you yearning for more. hmm, maybe that's why...