Wednesday, August 6, 2008


to mamuy and aya...

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y!!!

mamuy is already 90 years old. wow, 9 decades! and still kicking. hahaha in spite of waning strength in going to out of town family gatherings or just plain spending sunday afternoon in the house, her determination to just be with the whole family is encouraging. she can walk a few steps, still manage to do things on her own. still is game enough to go strolling at the mall (perks: when parking is full, we can always park at the 'disabled' area, coz we bring her wheelchair hehehe)

though we don't get to talk much coz i had to yell at her (people might wonder why i shout at my lola?) her mind is still sharp. she remembers people, events. she still gives advice (read: lecture, sermon) when necessary.

aya, rio rossa in full, is turning 18. she's one of our family's debutante's along with mhack, being born on the same year. aya got her name from who else.. but mamuy, rosario. gets? i haven't seen her since they left for the US ages ago.. hmm.. how many has it been? she left as a shy, little kid - very young, small and thin. i like carrying her because i can. haha she's weighs lighter than mhack. hehehe but now.. she's already a young lady - beautiful, confident and vivacious. i don't get to talk to her as much i talk with her other siblings... coz i know my english speaking skills will be challenged. hahaha!

my wish for her is to stay humble and God-fearing. don't be affected by negative things, especially when we say, she's soooo huggable. hehehe *lotsa HUGS* mwahh

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harbie said...

belated kay mamuy! =) inuman ba sa bahay? =)