Sunday, August 3, 2008

mini paris in wanchai

after strolling along hennessy road in wanchai, we decided to settle in Mini Paris, a quaint restaurant situated in the busy street ala quezon ave in pinas. i didn't know what to expect. i can eat anything at that time especially, i have acquired a taste for chinese food, i think. scanning through the menu, they actually serve... viet food. how did i know? well, i just compared it with pho hoa (i looove this place) and i just know.. hahaha here's my lame attempt to describe what we ordered: veggies with sauce that tastes like a faint bagoong, noodles with fried spring rolls and cold shrimp rolls. the last two are served with a sweet and sour sauce but with a way thinner consistency. (HA?!?!?! there you go, can you taste the food with my description?) all in all, they're good! another proud discovery.. and oh, before i forget they have english menu. yey!

masabi lang... i served this on my last birthday.. simple lang: shrimp linguine, steamed chicken (thanks maria for the recipe.. well cooked kse sya and delish, unlike the steamed chix , chinese way.. me blood pa), buttered veggies, breaded pork chop, cake (not in pic) and of course, ice cream.. i thought Dreyer's ang sponsor ko that night kse i have 4 of them. haha (un lang nag pa sosy, actually haha) it would have been ben and jerry's only, they're not available then.

nga pala.. to those who remembered... thank you =)
*hugs, hugs, hugs*


geWi said...

can i still greet even if i didn't remember?

what? no one reminded me! lol. love you reeyuh, belated happy birthday.

harbie said...

tanda mo na! hehehe!