Friday, August 1, 2008

financial happiness

ano ba ito??? euphemism for "im so damn rich, more than you can ever imagine"? well, for what it's worth, i know i have financial obligations. blame it on culture and of course, out of the goodness of my heart (haha) i TRY to regularly remit money back home... yeah, yeah, thanks to the remittances of OFWs GMA is saying the economy is gaining ground. right, right. when i think of ways to achieve financial contentment, the only that comes to mind is saving. this is a LONG way to go since bank interests are less than the other charges or taxes imposed on your account.

recently, im trying to think of ways to invest. business is one option, maybe buy and sell? buy here and sell in pinas? i buy here and sis, bro can sell.. kaso seems they got no interest. so i opted to read more about ways to invest - bonds, funds, maybe? stocks - for me seems a lot of work. im not too keen on watching every move of the market and do trading once tragedy strikes. what im looking for is stability, low maintenance and of course, high return (less other charges, etc). easy management is very important, if it can be done securely online, better. i dont know yet what will come of this endeavor. i hope to talk to a mentor/consultant, discuss my goals and create a financial plan.

how about you, done any investing already?

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