Sunday, April 3, 2011


one of my many few LSS. playing over and over in my ipod and in my mind:
1) looove the song (it's by kara dioguardi, ex american idol judge)
2) looove zachary levi - didnt realize he's geeky cute and talented. so i sought him out...he stars in the series Chuck and sang the theme (with Mandy Moore) song of Tangled. very nice. haha


geWi said...

you mean katharine mcfee right?

ganda pala boses ni zachary levi hehe.

rEeYuH said...

yeah.. this version.. sang by kat mcphee with zach levi. looove zachary levi. curious nako to watch Chuck! kristin kreuk(sp) un gurl sa smallville, ung season na nood ko..

but this song was composed by kara dioguardi. she has her own version too. she can sing!

TennisActu'z said...

Come here please and lay in your favourite, see you ;)