Tuesday, March 3, 2009


i've been trying to locate my pics.. but got too lazy to locate my digicam cable to download the pics.. im still short of peripherals for maxxie. was able to scour for a few though...

halloween 2008 in lan kwai fong.. of course, we took photo ops with those in costume. kahit sino lang makita namen interesting, pose lang. haha there was this one guy, ala phantom of the opera. he was was about to wear his mask but we all shouted "no mask, no mask!" lolz. too bad, i can't find his picture. eto na lang with the mad hatter. 

jack's birthday, unico hijo of ate ai and kuya j.  supposedly children's party... so here they are.. the kids at play.. 

might as well, just sit down and let the others do it... hahaha 

inside "the venetian"

macau at night
ruins of st. paul

... and the colorful night lights

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