Friday, March 13, 2009

ipod shuffle: 3rd generation

have you seen the latest ipod shuffle already??? i mean, the actual one? i havent yet.  it's soooo small la! smaller than your average USB, i guess.  even smaller than the AA battery!  all right, enough about size.  this tiny player is still a powerhouse with 4GB, 1GB capacity.  added bonus is a voice over - available in 14 languages- to know what song is being played.  beat that! hahaha  the controls are now located in the earphone, except for the power button.  uhm.. ergo, i cant have the option to change my earpiece unless it has the compatible controls?  then again.. another biz strategy for apple to market their own earphones for such purpose?  possible, but we'll see... in the future.  heard apple still has a lot of in store the coming weeks.. new software releases, new gadgets... the turnover is fast.  i must say though, that im still pret-ty tied to my own shuffle.  i like the color (in red), small enough for me, and does its purpose of playing music.  any upgrade, i'll pass... for now.

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