Saturday, March 14, 2009

adobe photoshop for maxxie

i installed photoshop for maxxie.  i got excited with the idea of playing around with photos, and decided to explore my creative side (if there's any).  bro mentioned some tutorial sites BUT, i have yet to complete my masterpiece.. yeah right!  after browsing thru the site, looking for simple, quick and easy designs, i realized that those pieces of artwork which we think are just so-so, take a LOT of time to create.  the video tutorials last for almost 1 hr!  and of course, i was looking for a touch and go type... sumthin like magic and wallah!  hahaha much to my frustration also, i should know FIRST my tools before actually using them hahaha so much for wanting to impress you guys immediately.  i know it's a loooooong way to go before i can show you anything... know this, im currently in step 4 of 30!  beat that! LOLZ.  

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