Sunday, March 15, 2009

keypad cover for maxxie

i strolled around wanchai window shopping.  went inside 298 to check out some stuff for maxxie.  i have been planning to get him some protection, if you know what i mean.  he's been bare ever since the day i bought him.  so, i got him 1) keypad cover  2) notebook bag  and  3) card reader.   i was excited for him so i let him try them on.  hehehe so for any defects, then i can exchange. 

keypad cover
-->  i first saw this on my friend's ASUS laptop.  it seems easy to use and most importantly covers your keypad from crumbs of food when you eat.  you don't have to worry about those remnants going inside.  

notebook bag
-->  until now, i still use the free bag that came along my MACbook purchase.  now, maxxie should be easier to transport - more protected with pads inside the bag and a strap to carry around.

card reader
-->  to retrieve my files from those different memory card sizes... digicam memory card, DS micro SD, phone mem card, even a sim card! (ohhh no, i didnt buy that one) --- damn, too many kinds! hahaha

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