Thursday, March 19, 2009

natasha richardson's gone too soon

and so another casualty in this film called LIFE... i've only seen her in one movie, Parent Trap, where she played mom to lindsay lohan. pretty, elegant lady, no doubt. more to that, she's wife to liam neeson. i like the guy - i like TAKEN, i like qui-gon jinn in STAR WARS. scouring through imdb, i found that he's also in Love Actually (yeah, i remember), Michael Collins (haven't seen this), Schindler's List, to name a few.

back to the real story... natasha richardson got in skiing accident in the candian resort of mont tremblant. what seemed like a 'tumble' turned into a critical condition.  her sudden death is such a devastating news to her family, friends and to those who look up to her.  you can't control these events and just learn to accept it. more than ever, every little in life is more precious, every time spent with loved ones is more valuable.  all our actions are more driven to make each day lived to the fullest.

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