Tuesday, March 31, 2009

dont read: uninteresting

im thinking what my cousin commented... no interesting entries, huh?!?! does that mean i have a booooring life? me thinks again.  what constitute interesting posts?  you tell me.  fact is, im trying to come up with one.. based on my life.. but seems i cant!  hahaha i guess if ive done bungee jump in macau, skydive in aussie, scuba diving in pinas, or belly dancing or camel-ride in dubai, THEN i will let you know.  

im still in some kind of limbo and it doesnt feel good.  one moment you're fine.. suffocating the next.  they say, "think that you're happy... and you will be."  i'd like to live by this one-liner. life is short.  you cant take back time.  here in hk, i really feel time flies fast (same sentiments from my peers).  i dont know why is that so, but i just noticed it by comparing being here and in pinas.  they say coz here, we do everything by ourselves - from thinking of what to eat for dinner (plus if you have to cook it pa) to what to eat for breakfast (plus you have to drop by the un-friendly bakeshop nearby).  back to the one-liner... at times, it works... some times, it just doesn't.  like a fragile glass, im holding on to happy thoughts, memories to keep me strong and whole.  i dont wanna rant coz GOd might hear me. hehe  i have a good life.  i am grateful.  i hope HE wont take it against me if there are times i ask him for some more.  so when im really in that slump... i turn on to chico and del for immediate relief. hahaha

carpe diem!

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