Saturday, March 28, 2009

morning rush: chico and delamar's top 10

i found another way to distract myself... listening to chico and delamar's top 10.  back in pinas, i've been an avid listener, not to the extent though of sending in entries to their top 10.  on the way to work, i used to tune in to RX93.1 until 9am.  that's the time their show ends.  i remember i was listening to the car radio, then papa would change it to another station coz he says it's all talk, no music. right!  just in time when my fave segment signs in!  yeah, it's all talk coz they discuss the entries... and they're not nonsense at all!  well, it depends on their topic.  hahaha their topics range from the mundane to the deep, as chosen from among their callers.  bespren and i are what they call silent listeners, because we plainly listen to them without sending entries or joining "rushers" events.  

my very own morning rush
i couldn't forget though... one weekday morn, as usual im tuned in to RX.  they have this segment where they call people requested by their listeners and just say hi and good morning.  suddenly... my mobile rang... on the other line is... chico and delamar! huwattttt?!?!?!  all my senses were awaken!  first, im a very lazy person in the morning.  second, i was sooo worried about what to say.. in english - knowing im LIVE on the air!  hahaha and so, they said their cheerful "good morning" while i grasp for words.  i meekly said, hi and mawnin.  they said "your bestfriend asked us to call you to greet you.  she says you're not a morning person.." blah blah.  waaa i feel so starstruck too! hahaha i couldnt believe it!  i was on for a few minutes and said that they made my morning more eventful.  when i got to work, my officemates were like "is that you on air?" hahaha now, im a celebrity - for a moment.  (no) thanks to bespren! hahaha that was just amazing and a picker upper.  in one of their live shows, i even went to burger king in greenbelt and had a book signed by them.  and so now, im trying to rekindle those moments even by listening to their podcast. 

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harbie said...

i remember that! your time to shine! haha! even cinoy (my friend and batchmate at SPI) asked me if that was you on the radio. nakikinig din sya eh. hehe!

they were all bubbly and upbeat and awake, and you were sounding so bored, although i can tell you are hiding your excitement in your voice. haha!

*sigh* good days. i miss listening to them too.

rEeYuH said...

hahaha i know! dont wanna seem like 'sabik' nyahahaha thanks to cinoy for the link on their podcast, i can listen to their daily top10. =)