Tuesday, March 10, 2009

how to clean a fish

sinigang is my comfort food.  i wanted to do away with pork muna so i thought of fish sinigang - simple, easy to cook. i usually buy it from the market nearby. just point to the fish and they will clean it for you, pay for it and go. no more talkie talk as we won't understand each other anyways. so i went home to prepare ... and to my dismay.. the insides of the fish are still there! so much for service. so i was forced to remove everything that i feel should NOT be there. i wanted to google "how to clean a fish" and check some videos but my hands are too stinky for maxxie. hahaha i removed this yellow mass, uhm is that the waste??? and this inflated plastic balloon-size part. (pardon my ignorance) and washed it VERY well in running water. after i was satisfied, i cut in two and off it goes into the boiling mix. *sigh of relief*

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