Friday, March 6, 2009

heroes... and the like

in this time of crisis, we welcome (rich)people's help whenever they extend one. in forbes 48 heroes of philantrophy, we're honored that a few are pinoys.  huwaw! 

  • manny pangilinan - PLDT chairman
  • ramon aboitiz - aboitiz foundation chairman
  • henry sy - SM malls magnate
  • alfonso yuchengco - yuchengco group chairman
on the right is li ka-shing, hongkong's richest person, who is also included in the list for giving over $1 billion to charity during his lifetime. his works include donating to the university of hongkong and sichuan quake victims.  

it's endearing to know that they share their blessings in more ways... so i say, carry on!  

mga kababayan ko... 
francis m's untimely demise is still a shock to everyone.  though we know that he's already afflicted with the big C, one can never be prepared for the death of a loved one.  life is really short.  you can never tell when it's your time.  things happen to the healthiest people, what more to those who are sick.  let's just live life as well as we could.  carpe diem!

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ericc said...

naku reeyuh, dapat next year e kasama ka na sa forbes list na yan. hahaha.

at bakit ka naman affected sa pagkamatay ni francis m?

rEeYuH said...

nyahahaha ASA!