Saturday, March 7, 2009

shopaholic morning

it's saturday.  woke up early to catch the first screening of "confessions of a shopaholic" in UA cityplaza, at 9:40am.  AM shows are cheaper at 35hkd and as the day progresses, it becomes not-so-cheap, pricing as high as 65hkd in the evening.  i liked isla fisher in "wedding crashers".  there's something natural in her brand of comedy.  i think she fits to a T as rebecca bloomwood.  her personality as isla seems apt to what her character requires.  however, there's still something off which i can't pinpoint now.  i love to shop.  can't say im a shopaholic coz money is always my issue. hahaha we each have our own sense of fulfillment, sense of high.  whatever that maybe, let's not lose ourselves and take for granted the things that really matter.

cheque this out
i applied for a new account in hsbc (mainly because i'm qualified naman).  i collected my card and along with it is my own checkbook (didn't know it's included)! huwaw!  MY VERY FIRST EVER!  hahaha!  didnt feel the need to have one since coz i think it's for those with lotsa money who are afraid to transact in cash.  hmm.. i can't wait to sign my own cheque! 


ericc said...

sigh. sana sinamahan kita manood ng shopaholic. hehehe.

wala lang.

rEeYuH said...

yeahhhhh di mo nga ko mapuntahan ditowwww. =(