Sunday, May 10, 2009

mothers' day

first off...


especially those dear to me... mama, my aunts: chit, stelly, vicky, flor, angie (she's like our "mom" for being there for us), my fwends: gewi, vero, borjy, gcel, ate ai, ate caryl, tita harriet.... i could go on and on.. this goes out to all the women, who gave life, risking their own at some point, to let another person see how wonderful our world is... 

to my own mudra.. THANK YOU, even though sometimes, uhm, most of the times when we do talk, our point of conversation is always money,  i know that you're only concerned for my future.  i cannot grasp how you can take other's problems as your own (and pass it on to me.. haha).  maybe it's just your selfless nature.   if i can only confidently tell you to quit working and retire now, i would but i couldnt.  i dont know how our family would be if you dont do what you're doing right now.  someday soon, i'd like to share in your (non-financial haha) responsibility to somehow ease your load.  for now, i only pray that you have enough strength to carry on.  i HEART you, ma! 

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