Monday, May 11, 2009

prison break: season 4 episode 20

this is it.... we're nearing the finale of prison break... awwwww i can't believe it!

spoiler alert!!!

episode 20 entitled "cowboys and indians", i felt 90% of the episode was predictable - normal cat and mouse chase. michael and lincoln were hounded by the authorities inside panda hotel after suspecting they were behind the killing of the son of india's powerful figure. eventually, of course, they were able to escape. they went back to their hotel, where the general is staying, empty-handed. the general is growing more agitated and needed to "motivate" his team. part of it, killing don self's wife. self lost himself and jumped to the water to escape. meanwhile, michael, lincoln and mahone gets scylla but NOT without any problem.

michael's dilemma: lincoln was captured and shot by christina (giving him 5 hours before linc finally loses his breath) while sarah is held captive by krantz. who will he choose? how will he go around the situation?

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