Saturday, May 9, 2009

paolo santos is backkk

yey!!! i got excited over this news bit even though i know i can't really be watching him in his gigs.  i missed him!  i recall first hearing "moonlight over paris" over the radio.  it was unfamiliar to me.  but i loved the song.  i could go all day, listening to his version.  that was the time when acoustic was at its peak.  i would follow him in his shows when i can, even have him sign a copy of his limited CD in greenbelt. hahaha  he may not be the most pleasing to the eyes singer (i hope he gains some weight haha) but his voice is enough to just lull me into nostalgia. also reported that paolo santos will sing the theme song of judy ann and ryan's wedding special and possibly, that same song will also be used for their new sitcom, "george and cecil".

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