Sunday, August 9, 2009

lea salonga.. your songs

lea salonga will be having a concert in PICC this december 11,12. it will be something different coz all the songs from her repertoire are all requests. they've set up a site to get the requests. you can even send in video requests! haha or just post your pictures with lea so she can keep in her album. looking back, i regret not taking any when they showed Cinderella here. i would have loved to see her on stage again. this time, singing all requested songs. i just wonder what kind of songs she'll give in to. imagine.. lea singing lady gaga's poker face or nobody by wondergirls! that's something different. hehe i will send in my request soon (via --> some Kpop, Jpop too.. and land of the loving. i just love her version of this song. latest i've heard, she'll include "bayan ko" which she sang after cory's requiem mass

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