Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the korean chopsticks

one dinner time at a friend's house, i noticed that instead of the usual wooden chopsticks, he used a steel, flat, tapered pair with ornate design at the top. it was my first time to see this kind so i commented on it... it turned out.. it was korean chopsticks!

now, what do you know?!?! i tried using it, and found it a bit harder to use. the flat surface somewhat restrains the fingers (especially, if you don't know how to use at all, i think). but they say the purpose is to easily handle food, even by just sticking through it or even deboning a fish effortlessly. whatever reason it is, i told myself that i should buy one. as i read, this is the primary reason for the flat, tapered end compared with the rounded, ivory ones of the chinese chopsticks.
as part of food etiquette, rice and soup are normally eaten with the spoon while the rest are eaten with the chopsticks. each utensil is also used one at a time unlike a normal spoon and fork where one is held on the left and right. i havent bought my own chinese chopsticks maybe it's because they abound everywhere hahaha but with this korean ones, i guess i'll have to scour some specialty shops to get my hands on them.
photo courtesy of komart.com

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