Thursday, August 13, 2009

kdrama overload 1: full house

song hye-kyo - han ji-eun
rain - lee yeong-jae
han eun-jong - kim hye-won
kim sung-soo - yoo min-hyeok

full house tells the story of a married couple (ji-eun and yeong-jae) who were forced to marry each other due to certain circumstances. theirs is a contract marriage. they each have their own affairs but somehow, they found their way to be their own affair. their like-hate bickerings lead them to realize how much they cared for one another, enough to set each other free.

i looove the girl, song hye-kyo. really pretty, especially with bangs. her character sometimes just annoy me for being too emo, leaving the house when she thinks she's had enough. then going back home again after she's simmered down. with rain, uhm, just ok. i didnt like his outfits the first few episodes. yeah, he's got THE body. but wearing a green, v-neck hanging sweater?!?! NOT. i can't erase the thought of him singing "three bears". a korean nursery rhyme, i think. i quiver just imagining it. NOT cute, for me. i like the outfits han eun-jong wore on the series. cool. she's supposedly the biatch here, but not enough to hate her wits. it's still realistic. i looove kim sung-soo. he's cute. just too bad the girl here has her eyes set on another.. sana akin ka na lang. haha

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i think i love you
geu deh ji geum

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