Thursday, August 20, 2009

kdrama overload 2: autumn in my heart

song seung hun - yun joon-suh
song hye kyo - yun/choi eun-suh
won bin - han tae-suhk
ha na na - shin yu mi
han chae young - choi/yun shin ae
choi woo hyuk - teen joon-suh
moon geun young - teen eun-suh
lee ae jung - teen shin-ae

Yoon Joon-suh (Song Seung Heon) and Yoon Eun-suh (Song Hye Gyo) are siblings. Eun-suh is in fact from a different family as she was accidentally exchanged with another baby, but no one knows about this fact until one day, when Eun-suh has an accident, her blood is tested only to discover that her blood type is completely different from her brother's. After this discovery, their parents move to the US, and leave Eun-suh behind with her biological mother. Ten years later, Joon-suh returns to Korea and he begins to search for Eun-suh. Their reunion after being apart for ten years raise their childhood memories and soon they fall in love. However, their pure love will not be so easy because Joon-suh already has a fiancee who loves him very much. And Eun-suh has a partner, Han Tae-suk (Won Bin) who has loved her for his whole life.

this is a melodrama who touched the hearts of many. what left a big impact on me is that of the unconditional, unfailing love of a mother to a daughter she thought was her own, that of a man's unrequited love and letting go of someone who taught him how to love, that of a love so great(ly insane) enough to 'welcome' death.. sounds familiar?? romeo and juliet, the korean way. hehe i loved the first 3 episodes where the story of the young characters were shown. the acting was really good, very effective that it reaches out to you. special mention to moon geun young (young eun-suh) man, those tears can just flow out naturally! her portrayal of a loving daughter and sister is passionate yet not overboard; humble yet strong. overall, the plot shies away from the typical rom-com but i just can't stand that song hye-kyo's character had to cry or shed a tear, at least, in most of the scenes. still, a pretty face, nonetheless.

recurring scene
the mom doesn't want to cry or when she does, she quickly wipes them away, saying that she can't see clearly when there are tears in her eyes. tama nga naman.


geWi said...

omygosh i know THAT guy, yung nakatayo.

san pa ba sya?

reeyuh said...

hmm, si won bin? la na ata syang popular kdrama. movie.. meron syang upcoming ata, un Mother na released internationally.