Thursday, August 6, 2009

birthday greets

happy birthday mamuy! aka rosario (RIP)

happy birthday aya! (aka rio rossa)

that's where aya got her name, rio rossa... from rosario. even though mamuy is not here with us anymore, her memories will always live in our hearts.. at times when i really miss her, i talk to her before going to bed. im the eldest grandchild and so i have the most moments with her.

i recall there are mornings in obrero where mamuy would prepare coffee for me coz i wouldnt drink hot choco. the coffee is too hot though so she had to cool it down by pouring it in a large bowl, stir it and blowing on it, and finally transfer it again to the cup. it was just perfect. smooth, creamy, rich taste of coffee with milk. hehehe when our family moved out, we would regularly visit obrero and have lunch/dinner there. on some nights, i would persuade mamuy to cook sinigang sa santol. i didnt know anyone else who cooks sinigang this way. it still has the sour taste and a bit of sweetness to balance the soup. just plain comfort food. =) everytime i would go back to hongkong, she would have this pabaon for me. i had to refuse though to maintain some pride. hahaha but now, mamuy, if you can hear me.. i won't be shy, embarassed anymore.. anything left for me? hahaha

if mamuy was here, i would've gone home and celebrated her birthday with her, with or without a party. every year, coz of mama's nagging, i see to it that im home. now, im thankful she got me to do that. i guess the only regret was not being able to talk to her in her final days. i thought then, that she would come out of whatever she's feeling, like she always does.


Anonymous said...

Hi ate! been a long time since i last visited this blogsite and posted something :)

this brings back memories of mamuy.. i remember looking forward to having sleepovers in Obrero because i love eating hot pandesal when we wake up in the morning.. sarap ng pakiramdam ko everytime she prepares breakfast for us.

sad that she's gone, and i wasn't home to be with her..much as i wanted to be there, i really couldn't..

i miss mamuy.. i miss everybody in the fam.


reeyuh said...

yeahhh i miss the hot pandesal.. un mejo toasted pa.. with the butter and sugar thingy. loooove 'em!

we'll see her again, someday. =)