Saturday, April 4, 2009

meeting with other expats

got back from a geoexpat language exchange meeting.  it's just a casual meetup with a little english-cantonese exchange.  i mean "little" coz it's not really a formal lesson.  besides, i don't even have a pen and paper to write down notes! haha i organized the meetup mainly to meet people and get a few cantonese expressions.  we're 5 in the group, just enough to talk with everyone.  met with 2 aussies and 2 chinese (1 local and 1 UK-bred).  that leaves me - a filipino.  we met in starbucks ferry pier (i was late!) and headed off to IFC for dinner.  i forgot the chinese restaurant.  but it was good.  i was expecting it was expensive, but it wasn't.  we sat and talked for 3 hours.  nothing very formal learning.  there's this one guy though, that kept on mentioning to me why i DONT have a plan.  i didnt realize i HAVE to have one.  i merely wanted to meet casually and talk.  turns out that he's quite a veteran with these eyeballs cum meetings and every time, the event organizer ALWAYS has a plan, itinerary for those joining.  well, i guess my plan was simply to go with what others would like and not impose.  simply put, we decided right there and it turned out fine for my "first time".  

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