Friday, April 3, 2009

work. work. work

thank God it's finally weekend.  time to bum around!  suffice to say, i was a little stressed with meetings, project launch and some misunderstanding with the big boss.  the latest had me most tired and dazed.  it was morning and im in our head office for a meeting.  just as i got in the meeting room, my immediate boss handed me the phone with big boss on the other line.  he lashed out "where are you?" and i answered i'll be in a meeting in a few minutes.  he asked me the status of a project, and he was expecting me to be in our data center for another meeting.  we talked the night before, told me about meeting to decide the direction for the project.  i didnt realize that it will have to be FIRST thing in the morning to discuss with the related parties.  i only have one hour meeting and i'll be back.  guess i didnt realize the urgency.  coz i was thinking, i can work from head office, call our vendors and handle it accordingly.  i told this to him.  so we were on the phone, and he's asking me what to do next.  i told him that i will call some people first, investigate the problem further and report to him our action plan.  i cannot just decide and tell him what went wrong without going to the root of it.  after what seem to be endless calls between developers and users, i called him and told him that by 10:30am the system would be up and running either by fixing the problem or doing rollback.  to make the story shorter... it did resume to normal.  

return to data center
it seems there was a scene that morning.. that big boss was looking for me.. disappointed why i was nowhere to be found.  my colleague even said that he sat in my area and threw a pen on my desk.  huwatt?!?!?!  he missed me THAT much?  i was relieved that i didnt have to witness this first hand, if this is even true. hahaha  it's good that im kinda used to him when he's frustrated with something.  i will just post my most stoic face and answer back in honesty about the status of the problem and the resolution.  i guess he's also being pressured that's why he's just gotta share it with others. hehehe  what i learned about this job also is that, since we're on the system side, we'll never really know the gravity of the problem of a user unless we're in their situation.  say, a customer inquiry screen is hanging, in the middle of dealing with a customer, or a loan application is missing when a client is asking for the status... geez! too bad for front staff... worse for system people, i guess.  i try to do multitasking, but sometimes it just fails as you lose focus on other tasks at hand.  


harbie said...

the joys of working on a live system, isn't it? i'd like to call that type of work as "firefighting".

pero OA ng boss mo ha, dito sa amin they can't throw tantrums like that. but they can be very vocal about their frustrations. hehehe!

hang in there!

rEeYuH said...

hmm.. "firefighting"... i like the term.. hehe