Sunday, April 5, 2009

outbound this holy week

finally!  we got our travel visas already.  this travel plan was in the works for a month now, and at last, things are actually happening.  we're a little apprehensive in getting our visas denied coz we passed incomplete requirements and the guy from the hotel sponsoring is not so optimist.  no thanks to him.  he said if we can't get ALL the requirements by that day, we might as well postpone our trip.  i just think he wants to rush us for our own good.  so now... i gotta prepare for the 5-day trip.  plus buy some stuff, etc... just need to remember to spend within my limit.  i CANNOT go beyond, as the airfare and hotel alone is enough to max out my credit.  hahaha i just like to think that this is my way of helping the economy - by spending!  something good will come out of it.. even not for me hahaha 

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