Sunday, May 11, 2008

a special day for mothers

happy mother's day!
one of the most vivid, fondest memories i had with mama was during the time i was sick when i was in 4th year high school. i just got out of the hospital (first time i was hospitalized) and i was trying to recuperate at home. one time, while it was time to take my meds, i got up, walked to the living room when suddenly i blacked out. i didnt know what happened but after falling on the floor, i immediately stood up. mama and papa were there and they were shocked. so am i. (telling it to you now, it sounded funny) guess there was a time gap of a few seconds between falling on the ground and standing up again. i think i bumped my head on a nearby wall, too. haha next thing i knew, i was already in the car and mama was hugging me tightly till we reached the hospital to have me checked up. feeling her touch, her warmth, her care is just so assuring. as i have mentioned in my other posts, we're not the touchy kind of person so this gesture is mostly appreciated. i felt her utmost protection, being cradled in her arms like a baby once again. and it felt good.

now, one of the things mama instills in us is the power of prayer. when we feel happy, sad, confused or whatever state we found ourselves in, she would always tell us to pray. with any problem, situation or endeavor we are in, she would always tell us to ask God for guidance and strength. this mother's day, i am grateful for having her as my mama not just because of the good that she's done for me but also for being a blessing to other people as well.

special mention: to gewi, happy mother's day! (momi ka na talaga hehe)

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