Friday, May 9, 2008

household help: fridge won't cool

*sigh* another household dilemma for me. all of a sudden, the ref just won't cool. i tried to unplug, plug it again. but to no avail. i searched the internet hoping for some easy do-it-yourself fix. i found some troubleshooting guide, simple checklist on how to check why the fridge won't cool but ultimately, it would say "call a professional". summer is fast approaching and this is one appliance that will help me "keep things cool." i already threw away the spoiled food - marinated chicken, 3 cappuccino flavored ice cream, and some veggies. soon.. maybe even more. *sad face* i havent consulted a professional yet since i find it more hassle than buying a new one. why? coz i have to ask around if they know any repair guy... next, most likely he doesnt speak english. next, i heard it may be expensive too. this is already an old, 2nd hand ref so im not sure how long a repair could last. maybe a few more months?

i checked out fortress, a big appliance store here in hk, and found a ref that fits the bill (size, price). BUT it's out of stock and won't be shipping until end of may! just my luck. i know i have other alternatives... BUT im bent on this already. whether my patience in waiting, or my need to get a fridge will win. we'll see.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Reeyuh!!

so naayos ba ang fridge mo?
miss you guys.. hope you are doing fine..