Monday, May 12, 2008

buddha's birthday holiday

today is buddha's birthday... holiday here in hongkong. i would have liked to visit the giant buddha in lantau but i realized that it would be crowded there. i was thinking of a leisurely travel to the island - take the 1hr ferry from central pier. then hop on the bus for another hour of travel up the buddha's location. i can take the ngong ping route, boarding the cable car but im still too apprehensive after the one too many closure directives to this tourist site. i would have trodded along the wisdom path hoping to incur more to guide me in life. hahaha i would have eaten the vegetarian meal that comes along with the entrance of the monastery. i would have climbed the 264 steps. i would have enjoyed my pictures with the buddha - my miniscule frame against its dominating figure.

well, those are just would-bes as per my research. next time, there would be real stories of my trip.

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