Tuesday, December 18, 2007

the music of faith (cuneta)

i came across this version of 'come what may' - an original of air supply on fino's mp3 player. usually, the songs i just listen to are pop songs.. those that im familiar of and i like the singer. however, hearing this song for the first time was refreshing. it was 'clean and clear' for me. "come what may - faith cuneta", the display shows.
it was 'clean and clear'. clean - not so much kulots, nginigs. clear - broadway-like. you know, the stuff ala lea salonga. (there goes my musicality. hahaha) inspite of the high notes, birits, she still has control to not sound like a shrieking banshee.

the song itself conveys a beautiful message and bringing it to life by faith made it more appealing. definitely, i'd like to hear more from her.
i've heard before, she was rumored to be using sharon cuneta's last name to ride the latter's popularity. with her voice and a loyal following to boot, this is where faith begins.


harbie said...

[start rant] what's up with sharon?! she's not THAT pretty nor talented, she's just a famous brat back then... she's not even a role model sa mga kabataan. [end rant]

faith cuneta should've been given just the name "Faith". in all honesty, the "Cuneta" ruins it. =P i've heard some renditions from her, she's good.

ps. can you tell i so-don't-like sharon? hehe!

rEeYuH said...

i dont have a strong opinion abt sharon (good or bad). im just merely stating (or spreading) a rumor. hahaha

i cant make out faith's face from the videos ive seen. a cross between roselle nava and someone else...