Thursday, December 20, 2007

pinoy pride: charice pempengco

another filipino made us very proud recently. a young lass at that. 15-year-old charice pempengco. she guested in ellen DeGeneres' show (videos you can check out in youtube) dec19. how did this happen? well, ellen reportedly saw this video from youtube of charice singing in a korean variety show, star king (ala eat bulaga in pinas). in one of ellen's episode, she also featured this video in Ellen and expressed her desire to have her as a guest. and so it was.

wow. its all i can say too while watching charice's guesting. besides her all out singing performance, i was amazed. some people push their luck just to have that taste of international exposure. fortunately for charice, sheer talent and recognition from her audience, she's living her dream.

watching her videos, interviews, she strikes as a charming, energetic, bubbly girl with lots of guts, talent and confidence. she strikes me as more aggressive than her ate sarah (geronimo, well not really biological). most of her songs though are on the
birit side - ranging from whitney, mariah, christina and beyonce renditions. sometimes, i feel a bit stressed out. still, not a shrieking banshee. haha oh, she reminds me of gladys reyes when she talks.

one of my fave videos of her is her guesting in star king. nice! her entrance made an impact already until the very end of her performance. making those korean hotties scream. PLUS! she got to sing with this cute guy, kyu hyun. when he opened his mouth to sing.. wow too!

here's charice's performance in star king. one of her many.

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harbie said...

oh, she's got her own thread at sarah's forums! hehe! she joined the Little Big Star (LBS) hosted by sarah, but she didn't bag the title. kita mo nga naman... parang si jennifer hudson, who made it bigger than the winner of AI during her season. =)