Sunday, December 16, 2007

my R4 is in traditional chinese

that's what i understand from the explanation of kuya jay. i went to his place tonight and asked his help - turns out my R4 is in traditional chinese so i had to copy the same file types instead of the english one.
alter ego: ahhhhh okai! why wasnt i informed by the seller that?!
alter: it's my fault! i didnt ask!
alter ego: why didnt he volunteer the information?!
alter: it's the default R4 version sold here.
alter ego: still! i asked the guy in english! i talked to him more to ask some questions. he couldve known i dont speak their language!

'nuff said.

thanks kuya jay! i can now play mappy! haha and mario kart. *happy face*


marhgil said...

magkano bili mo sa R4? nagpabili din sa akin si Ryan, bumalik pa ako last Saturday sa 188. Traditional Chinese din yung nabili ko, pareho lang naman yun, at least, it can play English games. :)

rEeYuH said...

320 hkd for r4 and 1gb mem card. how much bili mo? yeah, at least i can play now. pero kung pede nga lng palitan eh hehe

harbie said...

mappy! =D