Saturday, December 15, 2007

how to configure: revolution for DS

waaaa my first rant about my new toy: i cant configure the R4. *SO sad face* i was scouring through the stalls of 188 center in wanchai and found a cheap R4 + memory card, well 30hkd cheaper. i immediately grabbed it, got my DS from my bag, placed it on the counter expecting the guy to install, configure it for me. but instead, he coldly pushed the R4 and memory card boxes to me. i asked him what do i put where.. and he just pointed this to that. eh?!!! i didnt bother to ask more coz i feel un-welcome enough. maybe because i didnt purchase the entire DS from them and they only sold 'cheap' stuff from me. coz my fwends bought theirs in the area too, the complete package with some freebies pa. and then, when i bought a screen protector, i thought mounting it on the screen is some sort of service.. yeah, right! with a service fee! 20hkd. huwatt?! the next thing left to try is the adaptor.


n0ekun said...

i'll do it for free..send it here..hehe

harbie said...

the supposedly stress-outlet is stressing you out. *lol*