Monday, February 14, 2011

janet jackson: number ones in HK

happy hearts' day ALL! and im celebrating it with Janet! wuhoo! it's my first (and probably the last?) time im going to watch a concert here in HK. venue is in HKCEC. first time to go inside too. im just completely in awe at how huget the place is! haha i just go there in the area to tour my visiting friends , near the bauhinia square and watch the fireworks during CNY. inside, HKCEC though, it's really huge. there are a LOT of function rooms, restaurants, halls where concerts/shows can be held simultaneously. as you see, i can't seem to move on yet , venue pa lang. hahahaha

concert was slated to start at 8pm. but crowd just started to pour in at that time. we took an express dinner , este snack lang coz we didnt want to be late. had to leave the office at 6pm to make sure we're on time. show started a few mins before 9pm, ending at 10:30ish. the concert was just AWESOME! given the songs were just amazing, janet still got the moves! lavetttt! it's one big partey! our seats were a bit far but given the size of the hall, im ok with it. at least, our area is elevated compared to those more expensive tickets. they had to stand up all the time. i saw more expats than locals in the crowd. no surprise in that, i guess. the crowd was a bit restrained i think, compared to the YT videos i saw from Manila. haha i miss the rowdiness. but, suffice to say, we enjoyed it. never mind if we're the only ones in our area standing, shouting, singing. heck, we're there to enjoy every minute of the concert!

janet sang all her hits, too bad, i dont know some. haha my faves, and everyone else's : together again, black cat, rhythm nation, miss you much, again, all for you, let's wait awhile, to name a few. i was secretly hoping she'd sing someone to call my lover, everytime, whoops now but to no avail. no encore too. she has very limited spiels. i was "bitin" so to speak but i just try to understand that it must be her age, so she has to set some boundaries too. hehehe she had a lot of dance medleys, 80%. but, then again i thought, what would a few more slow slongs do to her? hahaha aiyahh! this fan just wont give up!

after the concert, it was freezing outside, with drizzle adding to the cold weather. we ate some more and watched on YT the songs we missed. hahaha janet j hangover, i know! it was a fun night! i realized i miss watching live concerts, and grooving to the music. next on my list... michael buble in hkcec? hmm, but too expensive. and too soon. maroon 5 in manila, maybe? let's see...

happy valentines day! love love love!

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beng said...

bitin ang posts! more! bakit ito rin walang encore? ehhehe!

did she do the Feedback number? i soooo love that song! =)