Wednesday, February 16, 2011

that crazy little thing...

here i am... still savoring that moment.. lovely. rewind. had i brief quality time with my kras. love love love!

my friend and i were on our way back to the office when we saw him waiting at the lift lobby. yosi time for him. we said our cordial hi's and hello's when he suddenly invited me to have a light with him.. (you bet i would! light me up! hahaha OA much?!) before i could excitedly say YES, my friend nudged me a bit, seeing that i would decline. i just didnt think, and said, 'sure , ill be back in a bit' pointing to my kikay kit - to put it back in my drawer. i sat for a few seconds in my desk thinking against going coz i was supposedly sick. (haha, just got out of colds and fever) i hesitated for a bit and said.. carpe diem! this is my alone time with him! haha so i went out. there he was waiting for me. awwww too sweet. i can die now! hahahaha damn! down in the smoking area, we found another officemate.. who chatted me for a bit. but i was secretly wishing that he finishes his ciggy and go up. NOW! thankfully, after a few banters here and there, he was off.. buh-bye!

okai, quality time resumes now. we talked about our work in the company, the salary, his transfer to another department (closer to mine! eeekkk!), his interest in stocks, piano, jay chou (i gotta learn more about this guy). he was asking about me.. i forgot what exactly. guess i was engrossed in knowing more about him. looking at him. wahahaha oh wait, he insisted on asking how old i was. and boy is he right about his guess. damn! hahaha i feel old... and look it. reality check for me ar! after that session, went back to work. he proceeded to their room and i went to the washroom. i just had to calm my nerves and wash that stupid smile off my face. gotta look cool.

in my seat, i relished that encounter. tarayyy mo teh! made me more interested in him. the way he talks with his british accent, his cool approach in life, his interest in things. those things, associated with youth.. you know it! he's still young. realistically though, i want to get to know him coz he seems nice and cool. i just think we can jive even as friends. usually, i think, i get along better with non-locals. same level of humour, thinking. i guess. seldom do i find ones that i easily connect to. ergo, when i see one, i grab him, este the chance. sensya, me malisya na teh! hahaha


geWi said...

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee * kiligs ol ober *

reeeyuuuhhh waah so this is G. haha. now i know you'll remember my son ALWAYS and with luurrvee.

gaaah. you go and get close! aza aza fighting!!

(so can you skip the quitting thing and stay there? lol)

rEeYuH said...

hahaha ikr! :p

beng said...

landi! haha! sige lang, landi pa! *lol*

i can imagine you connecting with europeans well... you know, dark, dry humor. haha! hey, that's compliment. ;-)