Monday, September 14, 2009

ipod revolution

have you seen the new wave of ipods already? kept me salivating.. a bit. ipod nano is the same thin version, now with video cam and FM radio! ipod touch is now cheaper with more storage space... if ever im thinking of an upgrade, i would like to get either one. but im leaning towards ipod touch just wishing it has video and fm radio too hahaha hmm, iphone? just out of my league yet. coz i have to upgrade my mobile plan as well. in these times, i should be cost cutting. it's just tempting to add these gadgets to my wish list since most shops in hk allow installment, no interest. how about apple tv? or wdtv that still does the job? nah, gotta get my tv updated first. sigh.. so many things, so little money.

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