Tuesday, September 15, 2009

kdrama overload 4: my girl


lee da hae - joo yoo rin
lee dong wook - seol gong chan
lee jun ki - seo jung woo
park shi yeon - kim sae hyun

When Gong-chan (Lee Dong-wook) meets the lively and beautiful Yu-rin (Lee Da-hae), he finds out that she has connections to his missing cousin, who his grandfather has been searching for a long time. He asks Yu-rin to lie about being his long missing cousin until he can find his real cousin. She says yes, but soon their feelings for each other get in the way of their plans. Gong-chan's friend Jung-woo (Lee Joon Ki) falls for Yu-rin while Gong-chan's ex girlfriend, Seo-hyun (Park Si Yeon), who is a pro tennis player, tries to win him back. Will the two ever tell each other how they feel? Will Gong-chan ever find his real sister?

the premise of the story is interesting - hiring a 'talented' girl to play as the long-lost cousin/granddaughter of a rich family to grant the 'dying' wishes of the grandfather. what's more twisted is that 1) the grandfather is not dying anymore coz he regained strength and will to live upon seeing his grandchild 2) the 'cousin' falling in love with her cousin 3) the cousin's friend falling for the 'cousin' and 4) the ex wanting the cousin back. the cool facade of gong chan makes it hard to read him. it's given that he'll fall for yoo rin but when??? yoo rin is aight.. but most of the time, she annoys me. she's too jolly.. then she would be emo one time.. hard to get the next.. i dont get it. she would say that they should remain as "cousins" but her actions give her away.. well, is it really a girl thing? i commend the character of lee jun ki. such a martyr eh! he's there to absorb whatever pain his love for yoo ri brings. awwww, he's too pretty to be sad.

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