Monday, June 22, 2009

more on boys over flowers it's junpyo's birthday TODAY! hahaha he's 22 yo. even younger than my brother. kids nowadays are just mature physically.. for their age. hahaha HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i would've liked to greet him in facebook.. but i opted not to. i feel SOOO old already. well, i am. a little. ohh, we're under the same zodiac sign.. i think. i hope to see him in other series or movies. perhaps BOF 2? i know my fwends are having "nosebleed" already due to my never ending rave for BOF and junpyo, so i just indulge here.. in my very own space in WWW.
  • woo bin - mafia prince hehehe i like the way he tries to be 'cool'. 
  • yi jung - looove his instrumental version of "Do you know" when he tries to be the knight in shining armor of ga eul (jan di's friend). though he pretends to be a chickboy, you can tell that there's more to him. 
  • ji hoo - the quiet, passive F4 member. he has his own mataray ways but once you get close to him, i like it when his expression turn from serious to smiley face. ohh, he looks better in black hair. he can sing and dance too with his boy group.
  • jun pyo - bad-tempered yet loving leader of the group. i simply adore his ways of showing love for jan di. it may be grand for an ordinary person.. (i wouldn't mind GRAND, extravagant hahaha) but jan di's character is uncomfortable with that kind of treatment. 
  • jan di - "lucky girl" hahaha in spite of her physical, financial hardships, she is fortunate to have friends and family who love and support her. she is loved by by many and that alone is a treasure that you can't compare with.
  • finally, i understood and it's clear that ji hoo has romantic feelings for jan di. in the previous versions, the sentiments of hua ze lei and hanazawa rui were still vague. i cant fully comprehend if it's plain sympathy, or just friendship like that of best friends. in BOF, however, you can tell that ji hoo harbored romance with jan di mwehehehe
this manga already has 3 versions.. i wonder if HK will be next.. or pinas? hmm... hahaha


geWi said...

san ka nanonood reeyuh? nag hahanap ako ng torrent, la ko makita.

lammo, ate ko rin nanonood. nagtext ba naman saken, "junpyo and i have the same car!!! wooooohoo!"

needless to say, di ko nagets yung text until she explained hehe. actually i caught a few episodes dati, nung mga 7 months si tsug dito sa KBS channel, pero dhel uuwi na nga ako nun, di ko na napanood pa. sayang.

reeyuh said...

gewiiii watch it! =)

sa youtube ko lang stream eh. search mo lang "boys over flowers" meron sa pero un iba broken links.

anong car dun??? yesss namehn!

geWi said...

minicooper! rich si ate hahaha.

aarrgh tempted na ako bilhin yung orig dvd. meh pirated sa pinas sila momi, kainis. hirap streaming kasi, mas gusto kong manood dun sa creative ko. (para nakahiga hehe)

reeyuh said...

hmm.. diba si ji hoo ung me mini cooper..?

bili ka naaaa hhehehe