Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Boys over flowers: scenes, semi-spoilers

i will soon finish watching boys over flowers (again).  i could go on and on raving about the series:

new caledonia - where they went on a vacation and junpyo professed his love for jandi on board a helicopter overlooking a heart-shaped grassfield... awww he looked like a lovesick puppy happily expecting recognition from his loved one. 
macau - jandi followed junpyo in macau after not hearing from him for months.  she found him but things didn't go well for them.  jandi still braved the wall junpyo put up for himself to fence out his friends.  still, jihoo made ways for them to patch things, even warning junpyo that he won't stand back anymore if he continues to ignore jandi.  

i admired how jihoo stood by jandi.  though it pains knowing that the girl he likes.. likes his bestfriend, it didn't hinder him from caring for jandi.  all the more, he wanted to protect her and be there whenever he needs her.  it's the classic case of unrequited love.  things could've been simple if only jandi can teach her heart to love.  oh, my.. such complications! enough with it. 

loathe her!
i simply hate the girl junpyo met in the hospital.  so much that i didnt bother getting her name. hehehe she's more evil than his wicked mother! hahaha she's like the devil in disguise - pretending to be jandi's friend, when what she wanted was junpyo... for herself.  what a sly one. 

worse than being hated
... being forgotten.. - amnesia.

did you notice that junpyo looks sooo like dao ming si.  but of course, i like junpyo better... 

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